Children Under Our Care

These Children are the Future of India

Senbagavalli Palanisamy: My father was killed in a fight with my relatives when I was quite young. My mother is no longer interested with me and has re-married. They took me to ICMC, where I study fifth standard at the Promised Land. Here I have met some great friends, including Sneha (pictured right). I am very happy here and love to belong to my large ICMC family.




Gayathri Thimen: My mother became mentally ill soon after I was born. She ran away somewhere and has never returned home.  Dad re-married and does not want me anymore so my grandma, who is deaf and cannot support me, brought me to ICMC when I was very young. I am now doing my III Std and enjoy studying. I like everything about Promised Land. I’d likes to study more and more and help others.






 Santhiya Arumugam: My mother is mentally ill and died when I was young. My father is a daily labourer and  is unable to feed me three times a day so he brought me to ICMC when I was in 1st Std. I'm now studying V Std. I have many friends at the Promised Land, and they care for me very well.  I’d like to study here as long as I am able to get a better education.



Prethi Murugan: Mom ran off and has never come back. Dad brought me to ICMC when I was 5 years old as he could not look after me. I love being at the Promised Land and the fact that visitors to ICMC love me so much. I want to make a good name for myself so I can help others. But best of all, I have learned at ICMC that Jesus loves me. Joy is my friend and sister at Promised Land.



 Sanjay Subash: Dad died of tuberculosis some time ago and Mum re-married. She doesn't care about me or visit. I was brought to ICMC by my uncle. I like ICMC and enjoy my studies. I also love cricket and want to be like Dhoni (Indian Cricket Captain) when I grow older.






Prem Ramu: Dad died in a bike accident and Mom died due to jaundice, so I was taken to ICMC. I am doing IV Std. I love playing with my friends, and I love the visitors who care and love him. I want to  join the Indian Army and keep India a safe place to live. 






Sivagiri Sukumaran: Mum died and Dad remarried and my relatives brought me to the Promised Land. I love going to school and enjoy my studies. Playing with my friends is another thing I enjoy. I want to become an engineer and build large houses. I am now doing II Std, and Kesavan is my best friend.







Kesavan Madhesh: Mum and Dad both died instantly when they hit a bus head-on. Grandpa brought me to ICMC. I am now doing II Std at the Promised Land. I love visitors who show me love and affection. I am learning about Jesus and I like this loving Jesus.




Sangitha Mohan: Both my parents died when Mom poured kerosene on herself to commit suicide. Dad wanted to prevent it but both of them where burnt alive. My grandmother brought me to ICMC when I was in II Std and now I study VI Std. I like to pray to God often and I also like playing with my friends (espescially Keerthana). I loves Jesus so much! I want to become a Police officer to keep our country safe from terrorism.



 Bhuvaneshwari Sivakumar': Dad died by a heart-attack and mum in an accident when a lorry ran over her head. My aunty knew about ICMC and brought me here in 2001. I love the care takers at Promised Land, reading of Bible and home prayers. I enjoy the care and affection of the visitors. I love Jesus so, so much. I want to do ministry and to live for God' glory.  



Arun Duraisamy's mother commited suicide when family problems overwhelmed her. Her father died when he fell from a coconut tree, leaving him with no one to care for him. His uncle brought him to ICMC in 2006 and now he is doing  his last year in schooling. “I got to hear about Jesus through ICMC” he says, “for which I am eternally grateful for.” After his studies he wants to join the banking sector and become a bank manager eventually.






Meena Madayan's father died due to alcoholism related issues and her mother died due to pregnancy-induced seizures. She was taken to ICMC to study 5th Std. Now she is doing her 10th Std and enjoys her studies. She loves to learn more about Jesus as she know Him as her personal savior. She wants to be a teacher.




 Akila Senthil' mother ran off while she was still a baby, and her father re-married. He later died, and her step-mother ill-treated and asked her to beg in the streets to earn a meal. The villagers nearby saved Akila from the cruelty of her step-mother and saved her life. Akila joined the ICMC family while she was doing her I Std in 2006 and now she is doing her VII Std. She wants to be a nurse to serve many needy people in this country. Jesus has become her friend and companion. 



Geetha Periyasamy, her younger brother Murali and her younger sister Radhika are all at the Promised Land after their father killed her mother in a fight and is now in prison for murder. These three lovely children have no place to go but they now have a home at ICMC. Geetha is delighted that she learned about Jesus everyday in morning and evening prayer. She has received Jesus as her personal savior at ICMC. She wants to become an English teacher.






 Nandhini Kaminaidu's father died of Tuberculosis in spite of treatments given to him, and her mother became mentally ill soon after. Her uncle brought Nandhini to ICMC in 2008. She has learnt to love Jesus over the years at the Promised Land. She wants to be involved in God's ministry and spread the Gospel to many unreached people. She is very strong in her faith and plays a vital role in daily home prayer at Promised Land.






 Narmadha Devi Karthikeyan' mother died by Chikungunya fever and her father could not look after her along with her four other siblings. Her father is an auto driver and hardly makes a visit to see his children. They all came to ICMC in 2007. She loves living at the promised land and enjoys her studies. She makes friend with everyone who visits ICMC. She wants to become a doctor and serve the poor people.




Kavitha Ganesan' mother died of a heart attack and five years later her father also died due to a head injury as he slipped in the bathroom. This made the way for Kavitha, Maharajothi (now married) and Subha to come to ICMC and make ICMC as their home where they belong and are loved. Kavitha wants to be an eye doctor. She is very thankful for her sponsor, and prays for them everyday. She will never forget the God who gave ICMC to support her in her studies now and also in the future. Subha meanwhile wants to be a Maths Teacher!



Oviya Chinnaraj' mother died due to an obstructed labour during delivery along with the baby. Her father is an alcoholic and never cares for her. Her grandma brought this charming girl to ICMC in 2008 and now Oliya is doing her 5th Std at Promised Land. She wants to become a nurse and treat poor people. She very much loves the supporters who visit Promised Land and loves playing with her friends.







 Rebecca' parents are unknown to ICMC, she was left as a baby at the doorstep of ICMC. She says Dr. Jay and Mrs. Christy are her parents. She loves being at ICMC and enjoying going to school. She finds ICMC as her home. She likes playing with her friends, loves going to church and takes a huge part in all the functions at Christmas times. She wants to become a teacher. She loves Jesus so much, especially the Bible stories.






 “My name is Ajith Kumar Vinayagam. When I was very young my father poured kerosene and burnt my mother alive. My father too died of tuberculosis later that year. My grandma brought me to ICMC in 2002 as she is too old to care for me and provide me with food and shelter. I pray to Jesus and he keeps me always happy and I do not have any difficulties at the moment in my life. Thanks be to Jesus. I want to be a computer software engineer. I like everything about ICMC. I love the visitors who visit ICMC. Pastor Jay family looks after me very well. Thanks be to God that now I'm in a safe place where I could study and know the only true God - Jesus.”





 “I 'm Kamesh Kumar Kubendran. My father died of kidney failure and my mother died of diabetes. My uncle brought me to ICMC in 2008. I like many things about ICMC, especially the Christmas function followed up by New Year's eve. I love Pastor Jay’s family who have a real love and concern for me. Only after coming to ICMC have I known about the love of Jesus and now I have committed my life in his hands. I thank God for bringing me here where care and love is very much evident.  Now I 'm attending a course to learn about Mobile Phone Hardware. I want to become a Mobile Phone Hardware repairer and have a Mobile Phone repair shop in the future.”





Ramya Ashok's mother committed suicide by pouring kerosene onto herself due to torture by her husband and later her father died of alcohol abuse. Her hrandmother took her to ICMC in 2012. She likes to worship God in both morning and evening at the Promised Land. She knew about Jesus before ICMC but has now cemented her relationship with Him. She loves to be with her friends at Promise Land, and wants to be a Doctor to help the poorest of the poor in this world. 






Thulasi Karuppanan' father died in a bus accident and her mother brought her to ICMC. Two months later her mother died of a severe fever. She joined III Std and now she is doing VII Std at the Promised Land. She loves playing with her friends. She loves Jesus and has received Him as her personal Savior. She enjoys the prayer time at the Promised Land. She wants to be Cardio-specialist and serve the poor.






Anusiya Chandran: No one comes to see her. She joined I Std and now she is doing VIII Std. She enjoys living at Promised Land and had made many friends here. She loves going to church and prays for all her needs and but also for the needs of those around her. She want to do God's ministry and preach the Good News to many in India. She now Loves Jesus whom she came to know through ICMC.






Alagu Raj Balan's father and mother died when their house fell on them while they were building it in 2001. His Aunt brought him to ICMC to join IV Std and now he is studying XI Std. He wants to become a police officer and protect Tamil Nadu  from thieves. He loves going to church and enjoys prayer time at Promised Land. He likes playing cricket and kho-kho with his friends. He came to know about Jesus only through ICMC, and received Jesus as his personal savior. Jesus has answered his prayers for which he is thankful to God.

About Us

The India Christian Mission Center (ICMC) exists to serve India's orphans, widows and the unreached irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion through the love of Jesus.

Three Pillars of ICMC

Mark 9:23- "All things are possible to him who believes

Mark 10:27- "All things are possible with God"

Phil 4:13- "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"