College Testimonials


Jayakumar Elumalai 's mother accidently fell in a well and died while he was doing his 2nd Std. His father could not look after him, so he was brought to ICMC in 2000 to continue his 3rd Std. Now Jayakumar is doing his third year in Bachelor of Arts in Physics and wants to be a professor in Physics and to teach about God's love to many. “Right from my childhood, I was taught about Jesus through ICMC. Whenever I see Pastor Jay or his son Bright preach about God, I like it very much and it has inspired me to preach about God myself in the future.
“I 'm so grateful to my sponsor and to Pastor Jay's family for their help  to feed, educate and to teach me about Jesus from 2000 until now. I would like to support this mission once I get a proper job in my near future.”

Ashok Kumar Verappan' parents have re-married they have their own children so they no longer wanted Ashok. He was in a helpless state, and a man from his village brought him to ICMC.  He joined ICMC when he was 10 years of age and now is doing 3rd year in Bachelor of Arts In Nutrition and Dietetics at Salem Christian College. “ICMC took care of me as its own, and thanks to Pastor Jay's family, I have received love and support. I didn't even know who Jesus was until coming to ICMC where I learnt about Him. Jesus has helped me so much in my life and has rescued me when I was in danger many a times. I pray for my sponsors everyday and always want them to keep well. My life would have been wasted if I had not come to ICMC. In my life, I will never forget Jesus and ICMC. “





Eswari Ponnangan's parents both committed suicide by drinking poison due to huge debts that they were unable to pay. Her grandpa brought her to ICMC in 1998. At the time she had never been to school. Now Eswari will complete her Bachelor of Business Administration in a couple of months. One of the things that she wants to do is to help orphans like her when she starts earning an income. She says: “Jesus is the true God and I will always think about the have-nots in his Kingdom and take a special care for them. I am thankful to my sponsor who has made me come up in life through ICMC. Without the help of ICMC, I wouldn't have made it so far.”





Prabhu Gnanasekar' does not know anything about his parents; there is hardly anybody who cares and loves him – until he came to ICMC in 1997, aged five. He is now doing his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, in his final year, at ICMC’s own college. He will soon be employed as a dietitian at a hospital with a good salary to support himself. ICMC has helped in 15 long years for which he is very much thankful for. “I came to believe in Jesus Christ through ICMC, I have earned more friends who love me at ICMC,” he says. The education he received at ICMC is what made all the difference in Prabhu' life, he says. He is very thankful to his sponsor for their love and support.




Manivannan Mani's father died from an alcool overdose when he was very young and his mother  was suffering due to health problems and could not afford to look after him and feed him three meals a day, so ICMC took care of him since 2000. He joined III Std and now he is doing his final year in a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at ICMC’s own college. ICMC has helped and cared for Manivannan for 12 years. He wants to study further and do his Master as well. He came to know about Jesus at ICMC and he now knows Jesus as his personal savior. He wants to tell people about this God who loves the world so much. He can't thank ICMC enough for all the things it has done for him. He wants many more children like him to be helped out through ICMC. He thanks his sponsor from the bottom of his heart for their love and care towards him. He wants his sponsor to continue to support ICMC and help many children like him. “I thank God for ICMC!”





Ramesh Kumar's father died of a heart-attack and his mother couldn't repay the huge debts and was helpless as a result. There was no one to look after him along with his two younger sisters (Geetha and Priya) so her mother brought all her three children to ICMC in 2001. Ramesh joined  IV Std and now he is doing his final year in Bachelor of Business Administration. He wants to enter the business field after his studies. “ICMC has helped me right from when I was admitted here. I cannot forget the amount of blessings I received from the almighty God through ICMC. I have learnt Jesus' great miracle at ICMC for which I can't thank them enough. I have received more help from ICMC than my own family or relatives. ICMC fed me, educated me and more than that, it showed me the ONLY WAY to God through Christ Jesus, which for me is precious than any other blessings I received. My father's love was replaced by my sponsor and the care-takers of ICMC, and I pray that God will enable ICMC to bring up children like me in the coming years. This is my heart's deepest desire.” Priya came in I Std, and now studies Computer Engineering. Geetha came in Pre-LK and is in X Std, and wants to be a doctor and serve the poor freely.



Arul Kaandhamani: My grandma brought me to ICMC in 2002 to continue my II Std at Promised Land. I don't know how my parents died. Now I'm doing wireman studies in Industrial Training Institute at Salem. I love playing badminton, cricket and enjoy the prayer time here at ICMC. ICMC has introduced Jesus to me, whom I love deeply and dearly now. I feel God's love more real as I could sense Jesus' presence wherever I go and whatever i do. I want to enter into the electrical field after my studies and earn a good living to help others in need.

About Us

The India Christian Mission Center (ICMC) exists to serve India's orphans, widows and the unreached irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion through the love of Jesus.

Three Pillars of ICMC

Mark 9:23- "All things are possible to him who believes

Mark 10:27- "All things are possible with God"

Phil 4:13- "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"