Recurring Projects

*Two Sets of Uniforms: This is a yearly expense for all the kids in the House of Peace Orphanage and also in the Day Care Centres. 

*Backpack for School children: Bags for all school children both in House of Peace and in Day Care Centres.

*Textbooks and Notebooks: Funding for the study materials and stationaries for all the children in both House of Peace Orphanage and in Day Care Centres

*Four Sets of Colour Dresses: Four sets of colour outfits is basic for every child in our care as per Government norms. Join hands with us to provide four colour outfits to our kids. 

*One Steel Box to keep their belongings: Kids under our care have very little compare to the kids in the west. All their belongings can be kept in a good sized trunk. 

*A Mat, Pillow and Blanket: Help us provide for the bedding for our children at House of Peace Orphanage.

*Play Things for little ones: Help us provide play things for the kids in all age groups.

Long Term Projects

*Staff Housing: Help us build staff houses for all our orphanage staffs so families can stay at Promised Land and serve the children effectively. Staff housing will help the orphanage to retain staffs for a longer period of time

*Bathroom Near Boys Hostel: According to the government requirement, we need a bathroom to be build near the boys hostel at the promised land. This will be a great help to all the boys at the promised land.

*Farming: We wish to establish a livestock farm to accompany the crops we produce, to provide meat, eggs and milk for the orphanage children. Our aim is to buy chickens, goats, pigs, sheep and cows, and to keep them at the Promised Land. Again this will move us towards greater self sufficiency.

*Church at the Promised Land: Help us build a place of worship at the promised land this will be a great help to all the (present/future)children at the promised land. The construction work is underprocess and we are building as on when funds allow. If God leads you please support us with your prayers and finance to this priceless project to provide a fixed place of worship at the promise land

*Ambulance: We need a vehicle to take children at the promised land to the hospital with some basic first aid materials for defibrillation, spinal immobilization, bleeding control, splinting of suspected fractures, ventilation, and oxygen therapy. This will also work as mobile clinic to those in need in our nearby tribal/rural villages.

*Polytechnic and Vocational Training Centre: We intend to start a Polytechnic and Vocational Training Centre to enable the less academic children to obtain a qualification which will make them readily employable. The Centre will give training in welding, fitting and carpentry.    

About Us

The India Christian Mission Center (ICMC) exists to serve India's orphans, widows and the unreached irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion through the love of Jesus.

Three Pillars of ICMC

Mark 9:23- "All things are possible to him who believes

Mark 10:27- "All things are possible with God"

Phil 4:13- "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"