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One of the main aims of the ICMC is to present the claims and teaching of Jesus Christ to the people of India, whom only 3% are Christians. There are 80,000 communities in the North who have never had the opportunity to find out about Christianity, therefore we have set up the "Timothy Training Centre" to train missionaries to go out through all of India. So far we have trained more than 2,800 native missionary through Timothy Training School.

India has over 1 billion people, the 2nd largest population next to China with only 3 percent Christians.  India is closed to foreign missionaries.  India can be reached only by nationals.

There are 60,000 villages in India that do not have any Christian witness. There are millions who have never heard the Gospel not even once in their lives. The people are responsive to the Gospel.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.  We must train nationals to reach them.

ICMC established the Timothy School, to train men and women to return to their tribes and villages and make disciples of Jesus through planting churches.  ICMC has trained over 2,800 pastors.  Please pray for the many pastors trained and sent back to Orissa state.  In 2008 there have been many houses and churches burned to the ground.

ICMC conducted the All India Pastors Seminar (Church Planting Conference) for 8 years, with thousands of village pastors praising God each time, and ICMC gifting more than 1,000 bicycles, several  and musical instruments to poor village pastors each year.


What is the Timothy School?

It is a one year, hands-on training program for future national church planters.  The church planting concept is a grass-roots, practical and cyclical approach.  Train, Send and Mentor.  Pastors from village churches recommend students for training.  The graduates go back to the unreached villages and plant churches.  ICMC teachers mentor and visit them in the summers.  The goal is multiplying churches who disciple future leaders to send back to ICMC for training.  Paul training Timothy.  ICMC provides curriculum, food and accommodations.  Students live at ICMC for 10 months round-the-clock with hands-on practical ministry in surrounding villages.

How much does it cost to support a student?

It costs $1 a day to train a church planter for one year at the Timothy School.  $30 per month for 12 months.

Where do the students come from?

Most students come as referrals from pastors and church planters in tribal village areas.  The goal is that they will return to their own tribal village area to plant churches.  Some go on to get a Bible degree and then plant churches. Potential students are screened during the application process, with a goal of determining if God has placed a call to missions on their life.

What does the students day look like?

Practical training in surrounding villages, continual Bible study and prayer (beginning at 5am daily), work detail, lectures, and day to day mentoring by teachers who live with the students are key components.

Where is the school?

It is located at ICMC's remote Promised Land property.  The Timothy School trains church planters every year at the Promised Land that houses the students and teachers.

Five church buildings with land at Mt Zion, Omega Community Church, St. Patrick and Hebron Valley Church and elsewhere, other twenty village churches, and fifty preaching points within driving distance are used for practical application of the students.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers are qualified men of God who are from the specific states from which groups of students come.  The teachers travel in the summer recruiting from their home states and churches and visiting church planters to encourage and mentor.  They live at the Promised Land during the school year with the students acting as a Paul mentor to a young Timothy in the book of Acts.

Questions about how you can be involved with the Timothy School?  Are you a teacher or pastor?  Contact Us.


1) RANJITA FROM ORISSA  (Timothy Student)

I was Roman Catholic and by the grace of God today I believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.  By the grace of God, my daddy and mommy are so spiritual.  By their prayer only, they prayed that we would receive Jesus as our personal Savior.  So I knew and believed that Jesus died for me on the cross of calvary.  In my childhood, I was praying to Jesus.  I knew the true love of Jesus.

In eighth grade, I became so sick that I could not attend class.  I become so seriously ill that I could not get up from my bed.  For three years I was bedridden.  Twice monthly I used to go to the hospital but I could not get any recovery. At last we went to a different hospital and there was one very nice doctor from America.  He told us, “This girl has bone cancer, paralysis, and high blood pressure”.  At that time I was so confused … I could hear the words, “This sister has bone cancer, she cannot survive”.  When the doctor told me in front of my relations, I was thinking and thinking and I got senseless.  When we home from the hospital I was thinking, “I cannot die.  I cannot live”.

We stayed at my own house.  My daddy and mommy, they comforted me.  I was thinking “I will not live…after one month the doctor said I was going to die”.  I was so sorrowful at that time.  I become serious too much at that time.  I cannot express my feelings at that time.  But my dear brothers and sisters, I knew something.  Something from my childhood.  I knew that Jesus loved me.

I had a terrible disease.  I could not get up from my bed.  I could not go to the bathroom.  Because of paralysis, I could not move my leg and hand.  I had a pool of sorrow in my heart.

But because Jesus loved me, when I was sleeping, Jesus came and touched me.  I stood up from my bed and I praised the Lord.  I thank God because God has called me.

My dear friends, before I came to this school, when I went to the bathroom, I fell down and broke my arm and had an Xray in the hospital.  When they opened the bandage after weeks, it was the same arm.  I said, “Lord, you healed me from my terrible disease, and so this is nothing for you.  If you want you can heal me again”.  Again I went to the hospital and there was no recovery.  We came back and I was just sleeping and crying and crying.  My daddy tried to talk to me. I was so sad, this is my daddy, but he cannot understand my agony and problem.  I did not reply.  I was just lying there.  They were taking rest.  “Lord”, I was crying, “If you only heal me.  Otherwise please take me.”  Then I saw clearly three persons came.  I was not sleeping.  One person came and just he touched my hand.  At that time, I was healed.  When they were going back, I shouted, “Lord, I want to come with you!”  They said, “No, in this world, you must share this news with the people”.

Dear friends, I know very well, that I have been sent to His ministry.  I was supposed to die but he gave me life.  That’s why I know very well that though I am a girl, I believe strongly that I will give the good news to the Gentile people.  I came to study the Bible here.  I came here and I have loved so many things.   Now I am growing spiritually many days.  I learned from the teachers many things  (named each teacher).  Many spiritual truths I could learn.  So today, I am getting many fruits in my life.  All this teaching is just like a lamp to my feet.  So dear brothers and sister, I thank you he has given this opportunity to share this testimony with you.  Please pray for me.

"Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil.  Cling to what is good.  Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.  Honor one another above yourselves."  Romans 12:10

2) SANJAY FROM ORISSA  (Timothy Student)

I am from the Church of North India background.  Thank God I am sharing my testimony with you.  When I was a small boy, in my family, my mother used to pray for me.  My daddy dedicated me to the ministry.  “Lord, I see this boy.  Just use him.”  I could understand my daddy’s desire for me, but I did not know how to do God’s ministry.  I knew that God could do mighty things through me, but not how.  Day to day, God was speaking to me.

One day a man came and prophesied about me, “I believe that God will use you like Daniel and Saul.  He has appointed you as a servant to bring good news to unreached areas.”

I heard God’s voice, but still, how was I to do it?  I needed to know how to preach the gospel and approach the people.

Then God did a miracle.  I loved a girl so much.  She said, “If you want to love me, memorize the Bible.  If you really love me, then go to church and sing for the Lord.”  Because I loved her so much, I did these things.  And now I know that God is a Living God.  That is why I am going to marry her and we both are going to do the ministry.  I come here to the Timothy School to learn the Word of God.  I never knew how much I would learn from our teachers.  I know it is God’s plan and purpose that I am here.  Today I stand here and I am so proud of this Timothy School.

I wish mightily from 2006 and on that I will go back to Orissa.  God has given me knowledge and wisdom.  So according to God’s will, I will have many meetings in Orissa.  People will come and hear God’s Word.  I will go to schools and many children will come and hear the gospel.  I believe God will do mighty things through me.  I don’t know how, but God will use me.

Pastor Mike Tucker from America today said John 26:19, “Our faith is useless without works.”  That is why I kindly request you to keep on praying for me.

"It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation.  Rather, as it is written, 'those who were not told about Him will see, and those who have not heard will understand."  Romans 15:20

3) SASI FROM ORISSA  (Timothy Student)

I am happy to stand in front of you and I would like to tell you my life testimony.   I was born into a nominal Christian family.  In my life I heard many sermons, but I never heard the word of God.  I went to church to spend my time with my friends.  My father and mother never taught me the Word of God from the Bible.  I never knew that later I would be possessed by a demon spirit.

When I was a small boy, my daddy was drinking much wine and alcohol.  My mother sent me to government (public) school and I never read the Bible.  I came to hear a little about Jesus and I came to see that I should live a good life.  But I used to do one thing wrong.  I used to copy the exams (cheat).  At that time when I copied, I would be crying, “Lord what kind of person am I?”  I spent all my days in school, but I never did exams correctly.  I passed most of my 10th grade exam by copy only.  I was failing in mathematics.  I passed 9th class, but in 10th I was going to fail.  At that time, I was crying and my younger brother tells me, “Don’t worry, you are going to pass.”  He took my paper and held it down for me so I could copy.  Like that only I passed 10th class.  There was no peace in my heart.

At that time my daddy died.  What about the property?  His brothers took it.  Then we went to another village with my mother.  Two years passed by.  When I became older, I thought, “How can I give peace to my family?”   Inside, someone was speaking to me, “There is one God, there is one God”.

I then joined college.  There was also no peace in my life there.   Then I found out there is only one God.  This is how I came to know there is one God.  At that time, there was a friend of my sister.  He gave a Bible to my younger sister.  And then that fellow went away somewhere without telling us about it.  At that time, my sister was crying.  I told to my dear sister, “Don’t cry, that brother has given us one Bible, let us read the Bible”.  When I was reading the Bible one day, a pastor came to me and said, “Come with me and I will take you to Bible college in Kerala”.  Everyone knows that I became the leader of the Bible college there and leader of Bible college students and I was doing all the jobs with happiness and was loved by the principal.  But the principal said, “You take baptism”.  I said, “But I still don’t know about Jesus, how can I take baptism?”

One day some people came from abroad and showed the Jesus movie.  Everybody was watching the movie, but I was not there because I decided to go out somewhere.  When I came back, they were praying together.  The movie was finished and I was sitting and watching everybody crying and praying and I could not speak anything.  “Let me watch the movie,” I thought.  But I could not because it was finished.  At that time I saw the white people sitting there and I knelt down and said for them to pray for me.  I spoke only the word “Jesus”.

Then at that time, I became possessed by a demon spirit.  No one could control me.  They were shouting.  Everyone thought, he is going to die.  All the students were holding me and they couldn’t restrain me.  I was yelling and arguing with the pastor. He could not do any miracle.  But at that time, the evil spirit in me did a miracle.  My leg was so high it was straight up.  Then I was upside down.  Everyone thought this boy will die today.  I could not understand what was happening.  I cried, “Lord, what is happening with me?”  The white man said, “He must be saved.  He must be baptized”.  For me, the man stayed there for two more days.  He told me, brother, you take the baptism.  I used to roam and shout and there was no discipline in the campus.  I said, “Send the white man very soon!”

When the demon had left, another day, that man of God taught me about Jesus Christ and  I believed in Jesus Christ.  I told him, “I don’t know how to pray.  What will I do if the devil comes into my life again?”  I fasted and prayed for two days and then I received Jesus as my personal Savior.  And I was baptized.  When the man of God prayed for me, at that time I saw a shining light.   I was standing at a distance from him and I was smiling.  The man ran and embraced me, he said,  “God has called you, so you go do His ministry!”

So in my life, I have gone through many problems and difficulties.  I have decided to follow Jesus so that is why I am here at the Timothy School.  So you are kindly requested to pray for me.  In my house, I am the only one Christian.  My father died without knowing Christ.  My mother is alive but she also does not know Jesus Christ.   Thank you for praying for me.

"In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.  These have come so that your faith--of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire--may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed."  1 Peter 1:6,7

4) JOHN FROM CHENNAI  (Timothy Student)

Before I came into Christ I was living a sinful life.  A pastor once called me and prophesied, “God is calling you”.  I told my pastor, “I don’t want this God.  You leave me alone”.  My pastor said, “Oh John, God is calling you”.  I told him if he gave things to me, I would come to the Lord.  He said, “It’s not a hard or big thing that I give you something but it is God who will give to you”.

My parents became Christians and I went to church since 2002.  My pastor used to teach me how a man is to be saved.  He said, “You take the baptism too.”    I told my pastor, “I am not seeing any miracles.  If I see them, I will take Jesus Christ.”

My mother became sick.  We spent 20,000 rupees but she was still sick.  I told my pastor, “See how my mother is suffering?  We have no peace of mind.”   My mother was almost in a dead condition and then my father and I began to cry.  Then my mother saw a vision.  “If you send your son to the Lord’s mission, you will be healed”.  Usually she never got sick, but then a spirit of God spoke to her that she had to send me to God’s work.  My mother was crying.  Then immediately she got healing.  I turned to God and praised God.  Then from that day onwards, I began to believe Jesus Christ.  Then my pastor advised me, now you have accepted Christ, you now go to Biblical training.  At first I was not interested in coming.  One night when I was sleeping, then I saw a vision and the Lord led me to come.  When I came here, I learned how to live Christ, how to preach the gospel, and how to give life to others.  Please pray for me.

5) OLIMBA FROM TAMILNADU  (Timothy Student)

I was born in a Hindu family.  My father was a Hindu priest.  He was making puja (sacrifices) in the temple.  In my family, no one knew Jesus.  When a pastor came to preach, my father was against him.  I started to go to his church and my sister too.  My father forbid us to go to the church.  When I would go, my mother called me back.  There were many problems in my family.  My brother made problems and would beat my parents.  My mother was slapped so hard she hurt her leg badly and had a hearing problem.
We were in confusion about what to do.  Only in my family I go to church.  I said to my pastor, “Please pray for my family.”  I had to work to support my family and also take care of my younger sisters.  I was in a car accident and cried, “Lord, save me! Save me!”  A brother was near and he ran and saved me and was injured.  My father was crying, “You have come to the Lord so why so many problems in our family.”  I comforted them and spoke words of God to them.  But my family stopped speaking to me well.
When I came here to the Timothy School, I left many things.  In my village, I was alone.  No one talked to me.  I was very lonely.  When I came here I learned many things and was no longer alone.  At Christmas I shared the gospel with my family and they believed!

"Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."  John 4:24

"Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name o the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
Matthew 28:19,20

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