Core Values

ICMC's Core Values

VISION: ICMC collectively strives for socio-educational empowerment to enrich and equip individuals to become enhanced wholesome purpose-driven social transformers.


Our mission seeks to intervenes for children-at-risk to provide welfare, nurture, education, skills training, with the aim of empowering their economic and social status, and building a sense of family where there has been none.

We believe in a child’s right to survive and aim to protect those who are vulnerable; to develop and to participate with the approach of relief welfare, development, empowerment, transformation, character-moulding, and community development.

We strive to build into a child’s developmental needs including their emotional and behavioural development, identity, family social relationships and self care.

We seek to alleviate issues surrounding children’s education and social barriers.

We are providing access for career guidance, behavioral change, protection, independent identity, personality development, self esteem, self goals and relationship abilities and responsibilities.


To be salt and light; service oriented; mission minded; passionate about Truth; prayer guided; offering mutual respect, humility, reliability and integrity.

About Us

The India Christian Mission Center (ICMC) exists to serve India's orphans, widows and the unreached irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion through the love of Jesus.

Three Pillars of ICMC

Mark 9:23- "All things are possible to him who believes

Mark 10:27- "All things are possible with God"

Phil 4:13- "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"