Founder's Story

FOUNDERS STORY:  I Was to Be Killed But the Lord Saved Me   by "Dr Jay"  S. Jayaraj Krishnan

I was born into an orthodox Hindu family.  My grandfather was a Hindu priest.  When I was five, I lost my mother.  When I was six, I lost my father.  My elder sister and younger brother died when I was eight.  Immediately, my grandfather took me to a palmist.  He read my hands and said, “This boy is a curse to this family.  He is the cause for the death of his parents, sister and brother.  To remove the curse, he must be killed.”

No relative would help me.  I did not know where to go.  Nobody was there to love me.  My grandmother was somewhat kind and she said to my grandfather, “Please do not kill this boy.  He is old enough to live by himself by begging.  Send him out of the house.”

I slept outside of the house.  I used to go to the Hindu temple and cry hours together and drink the dirty water thinking that my curse and the unpardonable sins in my previous life would be washed away.  The more prayer I offered to the idol, Kali Devi, a Hindu goddess, the worst thing happened.  My youngest brother became a victim of chicken pox and he died.

I used to think about him and cry many times even after my salvation experience, because he was gone away without Jesus.  This kind-hearted grandmother of mine also changed her attitude towards me.  She wanted me to die without food.  Unless I made one sleeping mat per day, my grandmother would not give me one simple meal a day.  When I became sick, nobody cared for me.  Everybody wanted me to die.  I used to pray to Kali Devi, “Amma Kali Devi, if you do not want to help me, I do not want to live on this earth.  Please kill me.”

A sister younger than me used to embrace me and cry with me.  My grandmother told her not to touch me because I was a curse to the family.  I could see tears rolling down her cheeks.

Thank the supreme, ultimate, all-powerful, absolute God, Jehovah, the creator, sustainer, and savior.  He saw my tears, and sent a Dutchman all the way from Holland to bring me to a Christian orphanage.  It was a heaven on earth for me.  Now this orphanage produced hundreds of pastors, missionaries, and evangelists.  I was given fish to eat and was taught about the Lord God.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior when I was doing my high school studies.  I started proclaiming the love of Jesus.  My grandfather became a Christian when he was 105 years old.  My youngest sister and her family also found Christ then.

One day when I was standing at the bus stop, I saw an orphan girl lying near the bus stand.  It was rainy season.  Many passed by, but nobody cared for her.  The Lord spoke to me clearly, “Jayaraj, once you were in this condition.  I took care of you through Bethel.  Now you must do my ministry.”  It was on 10th June 1972.

After getting the definite call of God on my life, I went to South India Biblical Seminary, Bangarapet to do theological studies.  After this I worked in Bombay as a pastor in the unreached places.  Many Hindus and Muslims found Christ in their lives.  I worked in North India for about ten years in spite of opposition and trials.  The Lord was with me and many more souls were won for His Kingdom.

I never saw my wife before marriage.  I praise God for he gave me a good and dedicated wife.

The Lord opened doors for me (and Christy) to study M.Div and also Doctor of Theology at the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, Philippines.

In 1988, in India, we started an orphanage with twelve children in a rented house, because it is God’s command in the Holy Bible, in Matthew chapter 25.  God tells us that when He was hungry we gave Him to eat, and when He was thirsty, we gave Him to drink.  Whatsoever we are doing to the least of His children, we have done unto God.  Anyone who receives a little child in His name receives Him.  The kingdom of heaven belongs to the little children. The children are the innocent ones.  They are at the mercy of the adults in this world.  They live or die, eat or starve, by the will of others.

Hudson Taylor said, “Why should we hear the Gospel twice when there are millions who have never hear it, even once in their lives?”

Apostle Paul in Romans 10:14 says, “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?”

After much prayer and fasting, God gave me vision to start India Christian Mission Centre, a registered, non-profit, charitable mission.  The vision since 1988 is …

Evangelism and church planting in the unreached places.

St. Basil school for missionaries children.

About Us

The India Christian Mission Center (ICMC) exists to serve India's orphans, widows and the unreached irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion through the love of Jesus.

Three Pillars of ICMC

Mark 9:23- "All things are possible to him who believes

Mark 10:27- "All things are possible with God"

Phil 4:13- "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me"